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Something new is coming to the world of Music.
Stay tuned - MusicStreaming.com is coming soon to a screen near you. Phone, tablet, or computer - you will get a new music experience on all of your devices. We are going to put the fans first!
There are a lot of music streaming services.  They all have the same basic model, and the same catalog of songs.  Some services are worse than others (lower quality, or a smaller catalog).  Basically, they lack imagination.
We dream of world where everyone is sharing music, in ways that make sense, and in a seamless way on all of your devices.  Users need to be offered more value, more cool music stuff - and we know how to do that.
The long-term path for everyone in the music industry will include more emphasis on Album debut's, higher quality streaming, better pay for artists, and a whole spectrum of cool services - and deals - for fans.   We believe that MusicStreaming.com will be the next step towards the future of Music.
<![CDATA[Apple Music Numbers are In... But Not Inspiring]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2015 21:06:59 GMThttp://www.arkacia.com/news--views/apple-music-numbers-are-in-but-not-inspiringSpotify Continues to Lead the Industry PictureMusic Streaming*
Apple's numbers are in and they are not impressive. There are 6.5 million paying subscribers now for Apple music.

That would be a good result for a small startup but a closer look at the numbers shows just how much trouble Apple is in.

First, Apple has around 800 million active credit cards on file; so their music subscribers represent under 1% of that.    When you consider that for Downloads, Apple's itunes had over 80% of the entire market, it is quite a troubling sign that their streaming is growing so slowly.

Secondly, Apple has about 94 million iphones in the USA.   Their music subscribers thus represent about 7% of that - another dismal number.  

As downloads continue to decline, Apple is facing a very serious problem.

Spotify continues to show stronger growth rates than just about anyone, and there is no reason to see that changing.  Apple is so used to being number one, they may not yet have the kind of "guerilla warfare" mentality they need to win a come-from-behind battle.

To succeed in Music, Apple needs to get more aggressive.  They should try to acquire and control every resource they can, including buying other music streaming companies; buying our URL MusicStreaming.com; and upgrading their service to higher quality, meaning bit rates (Apple has a lower bit rate than Spotify, while Spotify is lower than Tidal; and Tidal is lower than Pono which has FLAC quality). At some point, if Apple wants to claim to be the quality leader, then they have to actually have quality.  People are more sophisticated now; it's just not enough to put your focus on 'lifestyle' kind of commercials instead of tangible things like bit-rate quality.

There are potentially some better ways to monetize music that we have discovered - that no one is yet doing, and therefore Apple could, potentially, take the lead in that area.  Whomever buys our URL, will get our monetization advice included at no extra cost.

The dominance that Apple had in downloads is going to end; so far, it appears that Apple might not have the kind of organizational expertise needed to win, when coming from behind in music streaming.  

Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave right now.

*Note: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

<![CDATA[How to Differentiate your Fabric Care Business]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2015 23:29:43 GMThttp://www.arkacia.com/news--views/how-to-differentiate-your-fabric-care-businessPremium Set of Fabric Care Domains For Sale!Picture
Unique branding opportunity in Fabric Care.  We have a set of premium fabric domains - and this is the ONLY such opportunity on the web.
"Fabric Care" is the most searched term of these, according to the Google Keyword Tool.

The domains include:
  • FabricSprays.com
  • FabricConditioners.com
  • FabricFresheners.com
  • FabricReFresheners.com

This is a very unique branding opportunity, for one large fabric care company, to build a more visible presence on the web, and a greater barrier against competitors.

To find out more and to submit an offer, please Contact Us.

<![CDATA[Premium Domain Sale - All ".com" Domains]]>Wed, 19 Aug 2015 21:21:30 GMThttp://www.arkacia.com/news--views/premium-domain-sale-all-com-domainsSelling Brandable URL's, and more
We are running a sale on many of our domains; here is a sample.  Contact us and describe what you are looking for - the more detail the better.  We are discounting a lot for sales in the next week or so.  Sale includes:
Brandable domains:


Product (EMD) domains:


Premium domains:


And many more - just describe what you need and lets see if we can help!